Software development is a logical and analytical process of creating, designing, deploying, and supporting software that is build using a specific programming language. This work is generally undertaken in smaller logical steps. Many organizations provide software development services in Chandigarh therefore it is important to choose the right one when you want to develop specific software for your organization.

For the development of quality and authentic software, a rigorous Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is followed. Kaizen Systems make sure that are the important details are taken into consideration when we develop software for our client.

The SDLC process followed at Kaizen System looks something like this-

Identify the Requirements- The first and foremost thing when it comes to software development is identifying the purpose of developing software. All the smallest details are noted.

Planning and Feasibility Analysis- After the needs are identified, our software development experts plan out the blueprint of action after lengthy and detailed researches and choose the most feasible option that fits our client’s.

Design And Development- At this stage, specific aspects are decided, such as :

The SRS document is designed into a more logical structure that is later implemented in a programming language. At kaizen Systems, we draw out Operation, training, and maintenance plans to develop software for you.

Once the design and the prototype of the software are ready, the actual coding and application building for the software development takes place. The team at Kaizen Systems uses various SAST tools when it comes to building software for our clients. We follow all the coding guidelines and use all the technologies to develop fault-free software for you. The various programming languages used at Kaizen Systems include-

Testing- The software is tested first in the company and also by the client to make sure it is developed as per the requirements of the client. At the testing stage, all the necessary amends are also made without any additional cost to the client.

Implementation- All the faults and errors are corrected and different modules ar

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